How are you?

Updated: Jan 8

Ever heard of the phrase?

My answer would be a big YES. I mean all of us have come across this at least once or twice in a day, whether we are saying this to someone or vice-versa. "How are you" We tend to speak this phrase so casually and then don't even bother to listen to its answer atleast 90% of the time. I have always wondered while thinking of this "Do people not have time on their hands or do they actually not care in listening to what the other person has to say" and I came across something on Internet; this phrase is commonly used as a greeting rather than a question. So when we ask someone "How are you" it's not a question, it is generally a greeting (my emphasis would be on generally) and the common response to it would be I'm fine, thanks!.

Another well-spoken phrase is "How are you doing?". Well, they seem similar to me, and for most of the non-native speakers, they can be exchanged while speaking but it is slightly different than the previous. The latter one is considered less formal than the former and is usually asked to know the well-being of the other person.

Till now it has all been technical grammatical stuff but does this mean we shouldn't be bothered with what the other person has to say? I mean, let's be real for a minute, most of us actually do not have so much time to bother about the problems in other person's life since we all have our own drama but can't we be genuinely interested in knowing that our close ones are actually okay or not? So the next time when you are with someone and if you have 5 minutes on your hand, pause your work and listen to them, not just listen for the sake of it but do it with some concern and sincerity. Who knows what difference you could make in another person's life just by giving 5 mins of your day.

Happy Reading! :))

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