Psychology of Money

Updated: Jan 8

One of my favourite reads till date. When I ordered this book, I was not sure if I am going to like it but nevertheless it was ordered. When it finally came, I was so excited because of all the hype and positive reviews for this book. I started reading one chapter daily and with each page, I realised that it was actually worth reading and absolutely 'worth my money' as the theme of the book.

This book deals with the basic yet most important lessons revolving around investing and money. Basic lessons are the ones that make the foundation of money strong in one's life. The book teaches us to deal with the concept of money psychologically so that we are not lost in between trying to find the actual reason for investing or dealing with the money. Now, people like me who are interested in getting to know more about finance, stocks or in general money will find it interesting since you will be getting to know about the emotions behind 'the money' and for people who are not interested in reading books or in getting to know about money, let me tell you this is a no-brainer, jargon-free book which will be benefiting you a lot in your life( for non-readers, who knows you might even start liking reading books ;)).

For me, it is a great book and everyone should try reading it once. Do let me know your experience with reading.

Happy Reading! :))


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