The Economics of Small Things

Being human beings, we are often exposed to make rational decisions based on the resources and experience we have then. People often struggle with decision-making given that they have fixed resources and a wide variety of options. Deciding which option to choose involves logical thinking rather than thinking emotionally in most cases and usually, we associate economics with wealth and finance, but there is more to it. Economics is a subject that allows us to study why people took those decisions, their way of using resources, and their response to incentives. Whether we are selling our products as a business, purchasing or bargaining as a customer, or providing services to earn a living, all such activities performed automatically make us a part of the economy.

The Economic of Small Things’ by Sudipta Sarangi helps one to understand the basics of economics using daily life stories. This book takes you through certain concepts of economics in each chapter and explains through various anecdotes which can be related to the layman. The book comprises 25 chapters, meaning 25 different stories. You know, storytelling is quite an effective way to understand and grasp the idea, and this book does the same thing. I have studied economics during my school and college, so I know the subject, but after reading this book, I was able to relate to the theory that I’ve studied before. In case you are not familiar with the subject before or this is your first attempt to know about it, do not worry as this book uses very simple language and explains everything clearly. I had a fun time reading this book. I really liked the way the author takes the reader through the chapters and demonstrates that the ideas which are taken lightly have some logical understanding beneath them.

In short, it is a light read informative which offers understanding and clarity on the concepts. Do let me know your thoughts.

Happy Reading!! :))

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